Flex5Gware present in IoT Solutions World Congress 2016

Flex5Gware researchers attended the IoT Solutions World Congress that took place from October 25th to 27th in Barcelona. During the event, Flex5Gware leaflets were distributed to attendees at the CTTC booth.

Flex5Gware booth and demos at the 2nd Global 5G Event

Flex5Gware will attend with a booth the 2nd Global 5G event. In Flex5Gware, 11 different PoCs will be showcased in our final demo event that will be held at the Telecom Italia premises in Turin by June 2017. However, preliminary prototypes and results of these 11 PoCs are already available. The main goal of our participation in the exhibition in Rome is to demonstrate the progress achieved in a selected set of PoCs. In particular, the following will be shown: improvements in terms of reduced cost and footprint for the analogue hardware, mixed signal architectures for improved transmission rates and spectral efficiency, and, finally, increased flexibility and reduced energy techniques based on context aware resource allocation.

The exhibition area will be divided in five different areas, each one covering the following topics/PoCs:

  1. Compact low-profile antenna and on-chip frequency generator for 5G mobile beamforming systems @mmWave
  2. Full-duplex transceiver
  3. Context aware reconfigurable and programmable radio platform
  4. Virtualized base station for small cells
  5. Flexible resource allocation in a virtual RAN environment

Come meet us at booth #15!

Flex5Gware face-to-face meeting held in Barcelona

The fourth face-to-face meeting of the Flex5Gware project was held in Castelldefels (Barcelona) during September 13-15, 2016. Great technical discussions and atmosphere. Below is a group picture to prove it (at least the second part)!

Flex5Gware participates in EuCNC 2016

Flex5Gware participated in the EuCNC conference that was held during June 27 - 30, 2016 in Athens with the following contributions:
  • Booth: From the antenna to the virtual RAN: proof-of-concept in Flex5Gware. The exhibition area in the booth was divided in five different areas, each one covering one of the following PoCs:
    1. Compact low-profile antenna for mmWave (HW prototype + poster)
    2. On-chip frequency generator for 28 GHz 5G mobile beamforming systems (HW prototype + poster)
    3. Full-duplex transceiver (demonstrator + poster)
    4. Reconfigurable and programmable radio platform based on information from sensors (demonstrator + poster)
    5. Flexible resource allocation in a virtual RAN environment (video + poster)

 Flex5Gware booth at EuCNC'16

 In the picture, Flex5Gware researchers explain some of the project achievements related to reconfigurable and programmable radio platforms to Ms. Eva Kaili a member of the European Parliament.

  • Co-organization with Fantastic-5G and mmMAGIC of the full-day workshop: "WORKSHOP 3: 5GPPP Workshop on 5G Physical Layer Design and Hardware Aspects Below and Above 6 GHz". The workshop agenda contained 5 talks from the Flex5Gware project:
    • Flex5Gware's initial results on 5G hardware platforms (Miquel Payaró, CTTC)
    • Multiband base station transceivers up to 6 GHz (Dieter Ferling, Nokia Bell Labs)
    • Flexible In-band Full-Duplex transceivers based on a modified MIMO RF architecture (Sylvie Mayrargue, CEA-Leti)
    • Dynamic reconfiguration of future 5G HW/SW systems (Vassilis Foteinos, WINGS ICT Solutions)
    • Partitioning and distributing communication stack functions of 5G wireless hotspots (Nikolaos Bartzoudis, CTTC)
  • 1 paper presentation and 1 poster presentation:
    • Poster session: “Coordinated scheduling in a Virtual-RAN prototype with OpenAirInterface”
    • Oral session: “Exploring the Use of RPAs as 5G Points of Presence”
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