Flex5Gware co-organizes the 2nd International Workshop on 5G RAN Design (IEEE Globecom)

Together with Metis-II, Fantastic-5G, mmMAGIC, and 5G-Crosshaul, researchers from Flex5Gware co-organized the full-day 2nd International Workshop on 5G RAN Design (IEEE Globecom), that took place on Dec. 8 2016, in Washington D.C., USA. The workshop had four very interesting keynote speeches and also featured technical sessions (both in oral and poster format). The keynote speeches were:
  • Keynote Speech 1: Yet Another Keynote on 5G
    (Angel Lozano, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Keynote Speech 2: What Emerging 5G Deployment Concepts Teach Us about 5G RAN Requirements
    (Preston Marshall, Google Inc.)
  • Keynote Speech 3: Designing Ultra-Dense mmWave Cellular Networks
    (Arunabha Ghosh, AT&T)
  • Keynote Speech 4 : 5G RAN Design for the Factories of the Future
    (Andreas Müller, Bosch)

Below, some pictures of the event can be found were Prof. Angel Lozano and Dr. Preston Marshall are delivering their keynote speeches:


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