Flex5Gware booth and demos at the 2nd Global 5G Event

Flex5Gware will attend with a booth the 2nd Global 5G event. In Flex5Gware, 11 different PoCs will be showcased in our final demo event that will be held at the Telecom Italia premises in Turin by June 2017. However, preliminary prototypes and results of these 11 PoCs are already available. The main goal of our participation in the exhibition in Rome is to demonstrate the progress achieved in a selected set of PoCs. In particular, the following will be shown: improvements in terms of reduced cost and footprint for the analogue hardware, mixed signal architectures for improved transmission rates and spectral efficiency, and, finally, increased flexibility and reduced energy techniques based on context aware resource allocation.

The exhibition area will be divided in five different areas, each one covering the following topics/PoCs:

  1. Compact low-profile antenna and on-chip frequency generator for 5G mobile beamforming systems @mmWave
  2. Full-duplex transceiver
  3. Context aware reconfigurable and programmable radio platform
  4. Virtualized base station for small cells
  5. Flexible resource allocation in a virtual RAN environment

Come meet us at booth #15!

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