Flex5Gware participates in EuCNC 2016

Flex5Gware participated in the EuCNC conference that was held during June 27 - 30, 2016 in Athens with the following contributions:
  • Booth: From the antenna to the virtual RAN: proof-of-concept in Flex5Gware. The exhibition area in the booth was divided in five different areas, each one covering one of the following PoCs:
    1. Compact low-profile antenna for mmWave (HW prototype + poster)
    2. On-chip frequency generator for 28 GHz 5G mobile beamforming systems (HW prototype + poster)
    3. Full-duplex transceiver (demonstrator + poster)
    4. Reconfigurable and programmable radio platform based on information from sensors (demonstrator + poster)
    5. Flexible resource allocation in a virtual RAN environment (video + poster)

 Flex5Gware booth at EuCNC'16

 In the picture, Flex5Gware researchers explain some of the project achievements related to reconfigurable and programmable radio platforms to Ms. Eva Kaili a member of the European Parliament.

  • Co-organization with Fantastic-5G and mmMAGIC of the full-day workshop: "WORKSHOP 3: 5GPPP Workshop on 5G Physical Layer Design and Hardware Aspects Below and Above 6 GHz". The workshop agenda contained 5 talks from the Flex5Gware project:
    • Flex5Gware's initial results on 5G hardware platforms (Miquel Payaró, CTTC)
    • Multiband base station transceivers up to 6 GHz (Dieter Ferling, Nokia Bell Labs)
    • Flexible In-band Full-Duplex transceivers based on a modified MIMO RF architecture (Sylvie Mayrargue, CEA-Leti)
    • Dynamic reconfiguration of future 5G HW/SW systems (Vassilis Foteinos, WINGS ICT Solutions)
    • Partitioning and distributing communication stack functions of 5G wireless hotspots (Nikolaos Bartzoudis, CTTC)
  • 1 paper presentation and 1 poster presentation:
    • Poster session: “Coordinated scheduling in a Virtual-RAN prototype with OpenAirInterface”
    • Oral session: “Exploring the Use of RPAs as 5G Points of Presence”